Montessori curriculum

Montessori methods are fundamentally a model of education based upon human development. If we are taught how to learn then the thirst for skills, knowledge and social development will be driven by the human being.

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By combining the methods of Maria Montessori and The Early Years Foundation Stage we can encourage children to lead us on their learning journey and allow them to grow and develop at their own pace.

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Free Flow Play

All our rooms have an external door allowing easy access for external play. Our outdoor areas have been designed not only to challenge children physically but we are also able to move our classrooms outside enabling the children to choose their activity.

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The dedication focused on giving each individual child the best start they could possibly encounter on their educational journey, is totally unique and we know ‘A’ now has the grounding for him to venture onto his new school as a happy, well-rounded, intelligent and confident child. His days at Patchwork will never be forgotten by any of us. The biggest thank you in the World.