Montessori Nursery Schools provide children with an environment in which they may learn through activities and movement, using their senses to gain knowledge. Children are natural learners and will work for the joy of the process rather than the end result; in doing this they repeat a process over and over until an inner need is fulfilled, making them feel positive about themselves and the work that they have completed. Our nurseries are designed to allow children the freedom to develop as spontaneous, creative individuals, where they can follow their natural impulses to become the natural learners we are all designed to be. We do this by providing an extensive range of age appropriate equipment, graded from simple to the more complex, which the children will naturally follow when they decide that they are ready. Great emphasis is put on order within the classroom, by ensuring that everything has its place and that it is as accessible as possible for children to work. This gives maximum freedom to move and develop, whilst the order of the environment makes children feel safe and secure, knowing that things have their place and they can remember exactly where it is when they require it.

The Role of The Montessori Teacher

Our teachers do not teach in the traditional way, but guide each individual child’s progress,  by helping them to discover for themselves and allowing them the freedom to correct their own mistakes. This process reinforces the learning process and the child establishes a positive attitude about themselves and what they are learning.

Periods of Sensitivity

Dr Montessori observed that children go through periods of sensitivity; these will reoccur from time to time. During these periods, your child learns the activity they are focused on at an intense rate and learning appears to come very easily. These periods could be language, walking, movement or involvement in social life. Our teachers are trained to spot these periods of development and respond.