The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is how the Government and Early Years professionals describe the curriculum used in nursery and school reception settings between birth and 5 years.

The EYFS framework exists to support all professionals working in the EYFS to help your child and was developed by early years experts and parents.
It sets out:

  • The Legal welfare requirements that everyone registered to look after children must follow to keep your child safe and promote their welfare.
  • The 7 areas of learning and development which guide professionals’ engagement with your child’s play and activities as they learn new skills and knowledge.
  • Assessments that will tell you about your child’s progress through the EYFS.
  • Expected levels that your child should reach at age 5, usually the end of Reception year (these levels are called the Early Learning Goals).
  • There is also guidance for the professionals supporting your child on planning the learning activities and observing and accessing what and how your child is learning and developing.

You can also find the Early Years Foundation Stage which includes the Early Learning Goals at

Does The EYFS Work With Montessori?

The principals of both approaches focus on the child and we have been successfully combining the Montessori method with the EYFS since its inception in 2008. Our Montessori teachers guide your child at their pace so the best way to describe it would be a teacher with a psychology degree who uses the EYFS to positively encourage your child to achieve their goals without pressure.